Ozzy is a special little dude. Half French-bulldog, half Boston-terrier, and 100% fur monster. He loves his family, beef jerky, the ocean, pizza, road trips, playing with his brother, and snuggling with his mama. Recently, Ozzy fell victim to spinal disease and left us mere mortals behind in order to chase the giant tennis ball in the sky.

As a tribute to our little buddy we have decided to create this collection, to help make a positive difference on our planet and inspire change in his honor by helping to feed and rescue dogs in all types of situations, across the world. We will achieve these goals by creating a community of like-minded individuals, who through the use of NFT & smart contract technology, generate wealth for themselves, each other, and the creatures we share the planet with.

Finally, you can Smoke Weed
with your NFTs!



Smoke hundreds of different cannabis strains with your NFT, each with unique mutative properties


Strains, in the form of ultra-rare NFTs, create mutation effects in your OZZY NFT


Effects include Utility Upgrades, Visual Mutations, Guest Art, Animations, Cross Breeding and more!


Effects stack, so the more you smoke, the more your NFT evolves, going further down the rabbit hole.


As strain mutations create new generations, Gen.1 NFTs are burned, increasing the rarity of original mints.

Additional Features


Featuring a Fully Doxxed Team, Founder KYC, Contract Audits, Tokenomics Audit, Multi-Sig deployment wallet.


Community Investment Portfolio & Community DAO

Unique NFTs

350 unique traits combining for a potential 172 billion NFT combinations, not including mutations.

Crypto Currency

Deflationary in-house crypto currency in conjunction with our upcoming "Ask Ozzy" search engine.


Our ERC721a contract is gas Optimized, IPFS hosted and features anti-sniping measures.

Animal Rescue

Working hand in hand with established rescue organizations to rescue animals from all across the planet.

NFT & Token Staking

Stake your coins and NFTs in Ozzy's dog house to earn additional coins, exclusive rewards and limited edition airdrops.

Exclusive Events

Access to members-only, gourmet pizza-catered, 420-friendly events, with special guest DJs and celebrities.

genetics laboratory

The genetics laboratory is where Ozzy and his friends develop and create new strains. You can come here to check out our upcoming NFT strain harvests, and learn about the effects, rarity, locking period, price and release date of each strain.

As an additional security measure, Faded & Famous will never release any "surprise" mints or ask you to connect your Metamask to mint any NFTs on dates that aren't featured on this page. This is an added way to be sure that our socials, discord or other lines of communication with the community, have not been compromised as we have seen with other NFT projects. All upcoming mints will occur ONLY on the dates featured on this page and our mint page:



Phase 1 Groundwork

  • Assemble Team Faded
  • Create Socials & Discord
  • Develop Contracts
  • KYC
  • Audits & Verifications
  • Launch Website
  • Generation 1 Art


Phase 2 pre-launch

  • Build Mint Site
  • Build Staking DAPP
  • Open Discord
  • Open Whitelist


Phase 3 launch

  • Mint
  • Reveal
  • SAWX Team Building
  • Open Dog House (Staking)
  • Launch Strain Protocol (Mutations)


Phase 4 looking forward

  • Engage Community Thinktank
  • Strain Mintings
  • Cross Breeding Launch
  • Announce "Pizza & Weed" Private Event
  • Metaverse Land Acquisitions

Our family

Austin a.k.a "Ozzy"

Obvious Super Model

Mini Monster

Micheal Soulfix

Founder & Project Manager

Miysha Small

Community Manager

fahahroz iqbal

Head Development Strategy

Bilal Jawed

Lead Blockchain Architect

Myles Nagasaki

Creative Consultant


Illustrator/Genesis Artist

Chris Lundgren

Chief Financial Officer

Our friends


Ozzy NFTs are a collection of 10,420 utility-enabled NFTs with innovative mutative properties when combined with our strain NFTs. Our project is built and functioning from the beginning. Ozzy NFTs grant you access to our exclusive members' community, DAO and investment think tank as well as admission to our private events. Holders also receive whitelist for our future projects, just for holding an Ozzy NFT. Our growing initiatives will continue to generate new community members and increase the trading volume of the coin and NFTs, but most importantly... we save puppies. Lots and lots of puppies.

Join Our Discord and follow us on Twitter. We're happy to talk to you anytime, so feel free to reach out to the team, we would love to hear from you!

To mint, you will log in to our mint page, connect your Metamask wallet, select the number of Ozzy NFTs you wish to mint, and press the mint button, it's as simple as that. As always, the Discord is the best way to get information about mint dates, but for security sake, it's always important double check on the website schedule to be safe.

Although functionally, minting will be the same as minting an Ozzy NFT, strain minting will be very limited. Sometimes limited to a handful of NFTs per drop. Stay active on Twitter and Discord to be included in these ultra rare mints.

Always check multiple sources of information before connecting your Metamask wallet to any website. All of our mints are scheduled, we will not do sudden surprise mintings, and all of our mintings can be confirmed on discord, and cross referenced on twitter and this website. Always be extra careful when connecting to Web3, and if you're not sure, just ask the team or the community.

October 2022 in Vancouver, Canada.

Contact the Faded and Famous team immediately and we will do our best to help you. Although we may not be able to help in every situation, we will do our absolute very best to help every animal that it is within our power to help.

Absolutely! Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter to learn more about becoming eligible for whitelist.

Staying active on Discord and Twitter will assure you your best chance to be included for whitelisting. Get involved, and stay in touch. We want our NFTs to go to the people most involved with our community.

All unused whitelist spots will be made available in the public sale.

Public mint is TBD.

There is a maximum of 3 mints per wallet.


Strain mints will vary in price. Some will be limited/exclusive airdrops, unavailable to the public, some will be rewards and prizes for community engagement and some will mint for a cost. The cost will vary... some will be free, ultra rare and powerful strains could be as much as 1eth, for the very dankest strains with the most potent or highly collectable effects. Pricing will reflect potency and rarity of a particular strain.

Although our ERC 721 contract is gas optimized, it is impossible for us to predict the exact gas fees. We will do our best to mitigate gas fees by separating our whitelist and our public mint by a few days and doing public mint on a Sunday morning, when gas fees are often at their lowest.

Strains will drop regularly, but in extremely limited numbers. They will vary in price, rarity, dankness/potency and effects. The first strain drop will be one month after genesis mint is complete, and further strain minting will be a regular occurrence.

For the strains that allow crossbreeding, you will be able to smoke your strain with other blue chip NFTs and migrate select traits from the other NFT in the session.

The effects of a particular strain will not be known until after the first time it is harvested and smoked by one of the NFTs. Once that happens, all strains effects will be available to view in the laboratory section of the website. Mutations can include upgraded traits, new utilities and special functions, animations, and many, many other unique and innovative changes can be expected.

Up to 10 generations of NFTs can be minted, ending in Generation X. This means you can mutate you NFT nine different times. Some strains will cause mutations that can not be stacked, those will new NFTs will mint into the Generation X and will not be able to forego any more mutations. Don't worry, with GenX strains, we will warn you before harvest day.

No, an NFT can only smoke each strain once.